Earn your full entry fee back

Ambassador Program

100 % Entry Fee back

The POWERMAN Ambassador Program allows you to earn 100% of your entry fee back.

Refer three friends

All you need to do is refer three friends to POWERMAN ZOFINGEN long distance! Here is how it works.

The Ambassador Program gives you 100% of your POWERMAN ZOFINGEN event entry back if you refer three other athletes who also register for POWERMAN ZOFINGEN. It’s our way of rewarding you for spreading the word about POWERMAN ZOFINGEN.

Once you’ve completed your own registration, you can ask your personal Ambassador Code with email to ambassador@powerman.ch ands you will get then your Ambassador Code by email.

In this email you will find an alphanumeric code to share with your friends, family, clubmates, clients or whoever else shares your passion for Duathlon, Triathlon, Running and other Endurance Sports.

If someone enters your code in the data field “Ambassador Code” in the registration tool POWERMAN ZOFINGEN Long Distance, this registration counts as one of your referrals. You do need three to get your full entry fee back.

Your entry refund will be processed on the last day of the same month in which the event takes place. It may take a few days to hit your account.

No – your own entry and the entries of your referrals have to be for a long distance category,  which can be Open age group, World Championships age groups or Elite.

No, only entries for POWERMAN ZOFINGEN long distance will count.

No, the Ambassador Programm is only applicable for online registration on the Datasport portal.

If a registration is transferred, no Ambassador rebate will be applied.

Yes, the Ambassador rebate will be applied based on registration fee of the new category.

No, cancelled registrants will not receive rebates.

In order to qualify for the rebate, all referred athletes must have a valid registration on the day of the event, whether or not they actually take part in the event or not.

Yes! Please get in touch with us at ambassador@powerman.ch and ask for your Ambassador Code.

By sending your Ambassador Code as early as possible to as many of your friends as possible and actively motivating them to take part in the Powerman Zofingen.

Please note

The Ambassador Program  is non-transferrable. All referred athletes must have valid registrations on the day of the event. Only online registrations qualify for the program. Referrals are only valid for POWERMAN ZOFINGEN signed up to by the original Ambassador. If the Ambassador’s original entry is subsidised, the rebate amount will reflect the subsidised entry amount.

Bitte beachte

Das Ambassador-Programm ist nicht übertragbar. Alle geworbenen AthletInnen müssen am Tag der Veranstaltung eine gültige Anmeldung haben. Empfehlungen sind nur für den POWERMAN ZOFINGEN gültig, für den sich der/die ursprüngliche Ambassador/in angemeldet hat. Wenn die ursprüngliche Anmeldung des Botschafters/der Botschafterin subventioniert/vergünstigt ist, entspricht der Rabattbetrag dem subventionierten/vergünstigten Anmeldebetrag.